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Welcome to the Former Bioinorganic Chemistry Group


Processes Make the World Go Round!


Electron Hopping in Biology

was a symposium held in honor of the 65th birthday of Willem H. Koppenol

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Research Overview


  • Protein Oxidation

  • Iron-Porphyrin Based Redox Enzymes

  • Radical Processes in Fuel Cells

  • Nitrogen Monoxide Chemistry

  • Peroxynitrite Chemistry


Research Goals


  • Determination of Reaction Kinetics

  • Determination of Reaction Mechanisms

  • Characterization of Short-lived Intermediates

  • Determination of Thermodynamic Parameters


Group Leader

Prof. Dr.
Willem H. Koppenol
2009 Dustin Hofstetter & Reinhard Kissner 15-09-2009
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